Midlife preoccupations: January

Some of the things on our minds this month:

Is going to the gym/joining a pilates class in January too much of a cliché? (ditto dieting, not drinking) Should you wait till March to seem less predictable?

Is it worth watching Upstairs Downstairs at this stage, or should you just delete it from Sky+ to make room for Zen?

Zen v Wallander?

Would booking an Italian city mini-break be too predictable?

Where is my child’s PE kit?

Isn’t it dark at 7am?

When can I stop asking people how their Christmas was, and start asking them if they are planning to go anywhere nice on holiday?

Is air-kissing in the local shop or school playground pretentious?

Creme Eggs? Already?

If the council recycles my Christmas tree, does that excuse it having been grown and chopped down just to stand in my living room for a fortnight?

Congratulating yourself on still having what it takes to pull an all-nighter (even if it is just to watch the Ashes).

What a great band Japan were. Much better than Spandau.

How long do you need to be back at work before the office is warm enough to take your coat off?

Is it ok to wear a snood over 40? What about if it’s hand-knitted from mohair?

Special K – the Chinese food of breakfast cereals. Two bowls and an hour later you’re starving.

Finally getting round to buying a new diary before you lose all those scraps of paper about meetings.

Wondering when the snowdrops will be out.

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