Great Midlife Debates: dishwasher detergent

When exactly did we get to the age when we stopped having opinions about new bands or exactly where to draw on eyeliner, and started worrying about things like dishwasher detergent?

I ask because the Midlife Manual has been selected by Finish as one of 12 bloggers to trial, over the next couple of weeks, what they are calling ‘a revolutionary new detergent dispenser system’ and I’m calling Finish QuantuMatic, that being what it’s called.

The idea is that, as Midlifers are prone to sleep loss over how to get rid of that film on their wine glasses and whether or not it is necessary to still use salt and rinse aid when using 3-in-1 tablets (it really isn’t, no, shhh, listen, even they said so and they’re trying to flog the stuff, though the pre-rinse or not to pre-rinse and lemon v regular debates* are still raging), I’ll be ideal to give my verdict.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but basically it’s not tablets, it’s a dispensing cup with a cartridge of 12 measures of high performance dishwasher powder, one dispensed automatically every time you switch the machine one. There’s some clever stuff about using wax and ballbarings to operate the sealing mechanism and indicator, but you can look all that up on their website yourself if you really want to know that sort of thing.

As I type, my first load is on. I’ve fed in some cheap wine glasses, tea-stained white mugs, and – my wild card – the burnt-on-grease-encrusted rings from the gas hob that haven’t been cleaned since we were trying to sell the house four years ago. Results in about an hour.

This could be about as exciting as today gets. No, really, it actually could.

* pre-rinse, and regular, since you ask

VERDICT Trial #1

Caught myself admiring the sparkle of my glasswear (this is worse than when I complimented someone on their apron), and mugs look white for first time in a while. Definite loosening of grime on cooker rings but they’ll need a couple more goes.

Link (opens in new window)

Finish Quantumatic


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JCT was Deputy Editor of weekly London arts/listings magazine Time Out but left to freelance in 2007 – just before the recession. She writes for a number of publications and has edited 'London Calling: high culture and low life in the capital since 1968' (Time Out/Ebury 2008) and 'The World's Greatest Cities' (Time Out/Ebury 2009). She is the co-author of The Midlife Manual (Short Books, 2010).
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