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JCT was Deputy Editor of weekly London arts/listings magazine Time Out but left to freelance in 2007 – just before the recession. She writes for a number of publications and has edited 'London Calling: high culture and low life in the capital since 1968' (Time Out/Ebury 2008) and 'The World's Greatest Cities' (Time Out/Ebury 2009). She is the co-author of The Midlife Manual (Short Books, 2010).

Dream kitchen

Just as I have previously minimised the time I like to spend contemplating the relative merits of dishwashing detergents, I am equally baffled by the phrase ‘dream kitchen’. Is it weird of me that I very rarely dream about kitchens? … Continue reading

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Trial #4: Verdict and vouchers

I shall keep you in suspense no longer. I know you’ve been on tenterhooks waiting to here what The Midlife Manual, one of the hand-selected jurors asked by Finish to trial what they are calling ‘a revolutionary new detergent dispenser … Continue reading

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Spring clean madness: Trial #3

My glasses! My glasses! (to be said in a Velma-from-Scooby-Doo voice) It may be because it’s Spring, it may have been my recent visit to the Ideal Home Show, it may be because we are about to have out decrepit, … Continue reading

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Midlife on the march

I’ve been reading Laurie Penny’s (@PennyRed) account of Saturday’s TUC march on the New Statesman blog and I have to say it bares no relation to the march I went on. Warzone? Burning barricades? Young people? Here’s the Midlife version:

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The Dinner Party: Trial #2

‘We want it to be real,’ they said. ‘Real people in real situations.’ Which is how I came to be being photographed in my kitchen at 9.30am with a raging hangover, trying to look relaxed and happy beside a table … Continue reading

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Great Midlife Debates: dishwasher detergent

When exactly did we get to the age when we stopped having opinions about new bands or exactly where to draw on eyeliner, and started worrying about things like dishwasher detergent? I ask because the Midlife Manual has been selected … Continue reading

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Even charity shop workers look young these days

It was the school quiz night last night: 100 repressed parents let out for one night + cheap alcohol… But aside from people getting overly competitive and quibbling over the Ancient Greek site for the Olympics (first prize you understand … Continue reading

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