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Welcome to Maxyland – what your child’s imaginary world says about you

What do children’s imaginary worlds say about the values they are picking up from their parents? Here’s my son’s imaginary land – as described in an ‘information book’ he’s writing about it on my laptop – of which he is, … Continue reading

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Do you remember the first time?

There is now a whole industry dedicated to the celebration/commemoration of every minor event in your child’s life – their first tooth, their first steps, their first haircut, their first swearword…

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It must be Autumn because…

Things that tell a Midlifer summer’s over:

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ut festival in we endz, or something like that

+ = ‘We go ut fest burgess pk dis Sat. u com?’ texts my friend. Although she is a well-educated writer, orbiting 40, and plays the harpsichord (no, really), she is a South Londoner born and bred and as such … Continue reading

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Velcro ties!

I don’t know – you do your middle class, system-exploiting, pushy-parenting best to get your daughter into an up-and-coming state school that’s already hoovered up millions of pounds of government money, been rebuilt by cool London architects, and kitted out … Continue reading

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