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Even charity shop workers look young these days

It was the school quiz night last night: 100 repressed parents let out for one night + cheap alcohol… But aside from people getting overly competitive and quibbling over the Ancient Greek site for the Olympics (first prize you understand … Continue reading

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An attempt to explain Band Aid to an 11 year old

Prompted by an ad for the forthcoming BBC2 drama When Harvey Met Bob, I’ve just tried to explain Band Aid to an 11 year old. Having been shocked that she didn’t know what I was talking about, I decided to … Continue reading

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A head for hats

You can tell how old someone is, by how they dress for cold weather.

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Midlife Bank Holiday vs young person’s Bank Holiday

How was it for you? Traffic jam back from the inlaws or last minute citybreak? We’re guessing the former…

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ut festival in we endz, or something like that

+ = ‘We go ut fest burgess pk dis Sat. u com?’ texts my friend. Although she is a well-educated writer, orbiting 40, and plays the harpsichord (no, really), she is a South Londoner born and bred and as such … Continue reading

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Anyone for naked ping pong? It’s what the young people are doing these days

A rare late pass and I’m drowning in opportunity, floundering at the prospect of all the possible things I could do with my free evening, and trying to remember what the hell it was I used to do with such … Continue reading

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